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Located in North West Phoenix, AZ.

If you're in the area and would like help with graphics installation please reach out.

  • Are the decals removable?
    Yes, the stickers can be removed. We've had decals on helmets for over 10 months and they peeled right off. Some small amount of adhesive residue may be left behind, but it's not anything a small cloth and adhesive remove can't resolve.
  • Can I get a custom design graphics kit from scratch?
    Yes, if you'd like your very own bespoke graphic kit we can do that. Please reach out via email or phone to discuss.
  • How hard are the decals to install?
    Not hard at all. We've put thought into the size and shape of the designs to make them DIY friendly. It does require some patience, but if you have put in decals or stickers on a kart, car, or bike this isn't much harder. The vinyl has a special "air release" adhesive that allows any trapped air to dissipate over time. Also, until you really press down on the decals they can be gently removed and re-positioned during install. If you're need some tips and tricks please feel free to reach out via email or phone for some assistance.
  • Do you accept returns?
    Yes we do. All orders are made to print, as such returns will incur a restocking fee of $65 per sticker kit. Once the stickers are returned complete and non-damaged a refund will be issued.
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